Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn to Play the Accordion

There are so many different instruments in the world to choose from. So why the accordion? Here are the top 10 reasons you should learn to play the accordion – today.

1. The accordion is fun

Playing the accordion is a blast. It’s the only instrument that comes to life and becomes its own living, breathing animal while you play it. You won’t understand until you try it.

2. The accordion is unique

There aren’t a lot of accordion players out there today. If you want to be like everybody else, play the guitar or the piano. If you want to be unconventional, play the accordion. It’s a head-turner.

3. Accordions look cool

What the heck am I looking at? A mini piano and a typewriter sandwiched together with blacksmith bellows and covered in switches?! No other instrument can match the accordion’s strangely beautiful form.

4. The accordion is versatile

The accordion is really three instruments in one (possibly even four or more depending on who you ask). You have a full keyboard accompanied by a full assortment of bass notes and major, minor, 7th and diminished chords on the bass side. The registers can further tweak the sounds your accordion produces, so the combinations are practically endless.

5. The accordion can go anywhere

Speaking of versatile, did I mention the accordion is also extremely portable? Legend has it that the accordion was invented to be a portable version of the organ. You can play the accordion virtually anywhere. And it’s loud enough on its own that you don’t need an amp unless you’re playing for a big audience.

6. The accordion is good for your brain

The accordion is a really great way to stimulate your brain and forge new neural connections. The same things that make this musical instrument so versatile make it a great workout for your brain. You play keys on your right and coordinate that with dozens of buttons on the left, all while pumping air through it with your arms and reading notes with your eyes. Forget wimpy brain exercises… Learn to play the accordion!

7. The accordion makes you more interesting

Seriously. Bust out the accordion in front of your friends and family and they’ll ask, “Who ARE you???” Your mystique factor instantly goes through the roof. At a minimum people will think of you as a worldly, free-thinking non-conformist. I mean, who even plays the accordion these days? That’s right, I do!

8. The accordion is easy to learn

Ok, I know, this seems like a contradiction of #1 and #2. But hear me out. The same things that make the accordion so versatile and mentally challenging are the same things that make it easy to get up and running. The accordion is your friend because it lets you play a bunch of different notes (chords) with the push of a single button. So once you know how the basses work and you can put together some basses and chords (for example a waltz), you can start playing along with countless melodies on the keyboard!

9. You can play almost anything on an accordion

The keyboard on the right gives you the ability to play melodies (typically vocals or piano), while the ingenious Stradella bass system gives you easy access to bass notes and chords. This gives you the ability to play literally anything from classical and waltzes, to country and today’s pop hits.

10. The accordion gives you a workout!

The accordion is probably one of only a few instruments out there that qualifies as exercise. A full-size accordion weighs around 30 lbs., it’s attached to you (it gets warm under there!), and you’re pushing and pulling the bellows the entire time. You’re also moving and contorting your arms, hands and fingers. A practice session or even a single vigorous song can leave you sweating!

Did I miss anything here? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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